"Well, girls, this is how it works. Kristen, you'll be with me; and Kathy, you get Kurt. Don't worry; he'll treat you gently. Kristen, you do whatever, and whenever you like; no pressure. And if there's something you don't like, just let me know."

With that, I took both girls by the hand and we walked out on stage. There was immediate applause. Of course, I always get applause, but this seemed to contain a note of expectation.

I guessed that the 'fact' that Kristen was a virgin had reached the audience. That's one thing management is good at, getting the word out to the clientele. Both girls were nervous. They knew roughly what to expect but not really how to behave.

I was impressed to see that they didn't look awkward, only a trifle subdued. "Step to center stage, Kristen. Kathy, walk over there; that's where Kurt will come in."

The girls did just as they were told, and I thrilled at the sight, knowing this was their first time. Kristen was mine, and I had everything ready.

Kurt came on stage to a fanfare, sporting his signature hard-on, which, I thought, looked a little harder than usual for a second performance. I wasn't at all offended. After all, I felt the same way about Kristen.

He strode up to Kathy and took her in his arms. Meanwhile I walked up behind Kristen and wrapped my arms around her, leaning my chin on her shoulder to watch Kurt and Kathy perform. I didn't want to go too fast.

We saw Kurt spin Kathy round within his arms so that they faced each other. He looked huge next to her, like a genie with a fairy princess. He knelt in front of her and reached up to her shoulders with his massive hands, then ran his big paws down over her breasts, her nipples, down her firm stomach to her legs.

He did this several times with Kathy standing erect and proud in front of him, obviously enjoying the sexual massage. Suddenly, as if overcome by lust, Kurt took hold of Kathy by her shapely hips, and lowered her to the floor as if in a ballet.

Unlike a ballet, however, he immediately sank his face deep into the V of her golden thighs. Kathy was responding beautifully, and I was becoming extremely wet from watching them.

Almost without thinking, as I rested my chin on Kristen's shoulder, I started toying with her nipples. We swayed from side to side as we watched Kurt giving head, and I was surprised, and pleased, when Kristen's hand crept up and started caressing my cheek.

Kurt was putting on a great show, and the audience were getting excited, some of the regulars on their feet to get a better view. Kathy's hips were writhing under Kurt's mouth, and she was obviously not acting.

After a while Kurt crept, still on his knees, up to Kathy's lovely face. He plunged an arm under her upper body and pulled her up from the floor. Still kneeling, and with only one hand for support, he began passionately frenching her. Soon Kathy was struggling for air but Kurt, in dominant mood, kept up the suction.

Meanwhile, my little vixen had found my mouth with her hand and inserted a finger, a move that had taken me six months to devise for myself. I began to think Kristen might have natural talent for sex.

Becoming aware that she was pushing back against me in a slow rhythm, I stopped paying attention to Kathy and Kurt and gave my full attention to my own partner. I turned Kristen around in my arms and kissed her on the lips, lightly at first, then a little harder, then we started frenching.

We stood in the middle of the stage, our bodies pressed together, and over fifty strangers watched as my little Kristen began kissing me in earnest. I was amazed at how quickly she'd become aroused. A new girl normally just lets things happen, but Kristen was obviously enjoying her little exhibitionist fling, and was prepared to take the lead if she felt like it.

The crowd started cheering us on by name. I think, by now, they all knew about Kristen's virginity, and that this was a rare one-off experience. I pulled back from Kristen and knelt down in front of her. I had intended demonstrating some of my famous tongue action, but she did the unexpected again and knelt down with me, clamping onto my mouth again and giving me a little tongue herself.

Eventually I pulled away, whispering: "Kristen, I want you to get on all fours, because I'm going to fuck you from behind. The audience will love it, and I guarantee you will too. Trust me, sweety."

Kristen frowned, but did as she was told, going down on all fours and waiting for me. As I crawled around behind her I was able to examine her body. In the light of the club her skin seemed to glow with its own inner light. I was moved by her beauty as I raised myself up to lean on her strong, smooth athletic back.

I reached between her legs and began stroking her cunt slit, rubbing my knuckles against her clitoris at the end of each stroke. I wasn't surprised to find that she was wet; so was I.

I was finding jerking her off even more enjoyable than doing myself. Her body shivered each time my hand touched her love-button, and I enjoyed that too.

To know that this girl had never had anyone's hands on her before, that her sexual pleasures had previously only been self-induced, and that I was her first, really got me going.

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